Meet your

AI Receptionist

Instantly schedule appointments, answer customers’ questions, and triage emergencies — without ever picking up the phone

Effortless scheduling

Our AI Receptionist intelligently finds the best available time slots for both businesses and customers, ensuring seamless coordination

Instant quotes

Provide fast and accurate quotes for services directly through our receptionist, saving time and providing transparency

24/7 availability

Our AI Receptionist is available round-the-clock to handle calls and answer customer questions, even after business hours, with no-wait time

How Needl helps small businesses

Overbooked medical offices, constant phone calls, and scheduling conflicts can lead to patient frustration and extended wait-times

Our AI receptionist is always helpful and efficient, allowing your clients to easily:

  • Schedule/reschedule appointments
  • Access medical information and services offered
  • Receive prompt attention and personalized care

HVAC businesses frequently face the challenge of managing a substantial volume of service requests, including after-hours emergencies.

With our supportive and organized AI receptionist, you can effortlessly:

  • Handle calls requesting quotes and services
  • Ensure prompt responses to emergencies
  • Manage your business remotely and on the go